Jesus Is The High Priest For All

June 29th, 2022

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Hebrews 6:13-20

Jesus is good news for the world, but He is especially good news for Gentiles. The Jews were confident in their story, their history, and their covenant. Rightfully so. But Gentiles? Thank God for the work of the Spirit through Jesus Christ.

Jesus, in Hebrews, is cast as the new High Priest—the High Priest that grafts us into God’s salvation. We are as anchored into what God is doing, by Jesus, as the Jews are through Abraham and Melchizedek. Jesus is the hope we have.

Yesterday, the devotional text talked about how important it is to stay grounded in Jesus so that your salvation remains vibrant and eternal. Today, we are reminded that Jesus is an anchor. Our salvation is not about how hard we can work or how tight we can hold Jesus. Jesus seeks us, calls us, binds himself to us, and anchors us into the life He has called us to live. The world may shift, we may be tempted away, but Jesus is an anchor that holds us steady through life’s storms.

Author: Timothy Brooks

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