You Gotta Serve Somebody

June 30th, 2022

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Galatians 5:13-26

Many of us who grew up in church were asked to memorize the “Fruit of the Spirit.” What comes after is such an instructive calling: “…let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Being a disciple is not something we will ourselves to be, rather we are filled, anchored, helped, sustained by the Triune God.

How do we know that we are living in the Spirit? We become like what or whom we serve. It’s often hard to know for sure when we slip to serve the wrong somebody. However, the test is right here: The fruit of the spirit and the works of the flesh.

Don’t jump through this test lightly. Check your text messages. Check your social media. Spend time in your own head, rewind your behaviors and interactions. Are you an embodiment of love? Joy? Peace? Or do you perpetuate dissension, fits of rage, envy, selfish ambition, and the like?

Are we governed by the Spirit or the flesh?

Author: Timothy Brooks

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