Praise Him

March 9th, 2022



Psalm 135:1-7

A wife bought two tickets to the ballet. She’d dropped hints that she wanted to go, but her husband hadn’t picked up on it. When the night came for the big event, she lay out his suit, and dutifully, he put it on. They found their seats and the wife watched in amazement as the ballerinas gracefully glided across the stage. Then she heard a sound she couldn’t mistake-a snore.

She fumed the whole way home and finally in the privacy of their bedroom she let loose. “Why did you even come if you were going to fall asleep?”

He was confused and replied, “I don’t know what you’re so upset about. I took you to the ballet like you wanted!”

She sighed, exasperated, and said, “I wanted you to want to take me. I wanted you to enjoy it with me!”

We are servants of the Lord, we minister in the house of the Lord. We are His people whom He loves. We should want to praise Him! As we go about our days, whether it be in our work, in our volunteering of our time and talents, in our community or home, let us enjoy those experiences with God. Let us awake and praise Him!

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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