March 10th, 2022



Psalm 135:8-14

A kindergartner told me that his new teacher “didn’t play.” I assured him she would loosen up, given time. He repeated himself, “No, she don’t play.” Once more I tried to convince him that it was the beginning of the year and when she’d established a routine, I was sure she’d play games with him. He sighed, looked annoyed with me and repeated his statement. This time I heard what he meant. His teacher “didn’t play,” meaning when he’d made a poor choice, she followed through on the consequences.

We have all heard it said, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19, KJV) However, do we believe that is true? We all have places where our indignation feels justified. It can be very tempting to exact revenge. When we take revenge we focus on our own good, preferences, and comfort.

God doesn’t play. God has proven that He, like that teacher, takes consequences seriously and that He is trustworthy to enact justice. If He was trustworthy to deliver the Israelites and if He was trustworthy to pay the penalty for our sin, we can trust Him to handle justice which is not just for our good, but for His glory.

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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