How Great Is God?

March 8th, 2022



Psalm 36:7-12

God’s goodness is so majestic not simply because it is impressive, but because God uses it to bless others. He provides refuge. He feeds the hungry and quenches thirst. The light we see is an extension of His light.

Imagine if a wicked person was like a black hole, completely turned into itself with the gravity of its self-centeredness. Everything which crosses its path is caught in the pull and dragged into the depths of utter destruction.

Now imagine the sun, which shines providing the light we need to grow food, to provide us with nutrients and vitamins, to light our way both during the day and reflectively during the night. It is the outpouring of the power of the sun that scientifically enables life on Earth.

God is not the sun. God made the sun. His goodness, His majesty is so powerful that all the good things we can think of are only a fragment of the overflow of Him. It is right, then, that we should praise the One who is mightier then the greatest evil imaginable.

Author: Sarah Kinzer


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