Repent and Believe

September 17th, 2021

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Romans 10:1-11

The cultural context in which Paul writes was inherently tricky. No matter how he approached the topic of piety and acts, someone would be upset. Doesn’t that sound familiar as we live in a day where it seems everyone can be easily offended?

Paul offers a correction: Christ is the culmination of the law. It is neither our piety nor our acts that bring us salvation. Indeed, in both cases, we fall short. Not even our passion for God can bring us salvation. Placing our belief in God is the only way to salvation. Belief is trust, it is dependency, it is rest, and it is the acceptance of protection.

Christ fulfills all the law so that we receive all the righteousness of God. Salvation is for all of us when we believe. None of us can earn salvation, but all of us can partake through belief in Christ.

Are you living as one who believes? Are you trusting? Are you depending on God?

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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