May 23rd, 2019

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Esther 4:6-17

High intensity times demand high levels of commitment. This was a high intensity time for the Jews and one that required all that they had to give. This level of commitment, strength, and courage can best be met when we realize we need to support of one another.

Earlier in thier lives, Mindy and her husband came upon a crisis moment. They had been given a medical diagnosis and it seemed pretty dire. As they shared their journey with others, numerous people at their church fasted and prayed on their behalf. As the days and months unfolded, God didn’t bring about the physical healing they had hoped and prayer for. However, He did provide another kind of healing in their lives, in and through the community of faith they were a part of during this time. They believed this was because of the fasting and prayer on their behalf. We need each other within the Church to lift up and support each other when we are at our lowest point. Who in your life is walking a hard road right now? Can you support them by prayer and fasting?

Author: Mindy Alsworth


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