May 24th, 2019

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Acts 10:34-48

Is there someone in your life, a son or daughter, a grandson or granddaughter, that you have prayed for, for a long time now? Maybe you’ve been praying for them for several decades. Maybe it seems like God has not answered your prayers; maybe it seems like He never will. Don’t lose heart. Continue to hope in God!

In Acts 10, verse 34 Peter speaks about how the message of the gospel is for all people. That means all people! People who have never heard of the message. People who have heard and have chosen to walk away—all people! We who have this message of Jesus Christ are called to be ambassadors of peace. The good news brings about peace, when a person opens up to God and allows His grace, mercy, and forgiveness to bring about reconciliation.

Don’t give up! Keep preserving and praying and placing your hope in God. God may not answer your prayers for your loved one today or tomorrow, or maybe not even in your lifetime, but be encouraged. God wants to bring about peace in the midst of trouble and calm the storm. We can place our hope in Him!

Author: Mindy Alsworth


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