Result: Redeemed People

November 18th, 2017

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Acts 2:29-41

By definition, turning toward something implies turning away from something else. In this case, Peter called Jews from all over the world to turn toward Jesus and away from the corruption that enslaved their generation, keeping them separated from God. Three thousand of those listening chose to accept this call. Through this, we see the result of carrying out Jesus’ mission. When we generously spread His message through the prompting and the power of the Holy Spirit, the result is redeemed people.

Jews who repented and accepted the new life of Christ were saved from the trap of going the same direction their generation and world were going. The same is true for those who accept Christ in our generation. The message we bring urges people to accept redemption and accept that good can come from the evil that surrounds us. We become a people set apart. Those who were once condemned and hopeless are given a new life and the ability to be holy and in relationship with God. This is the result of carrying out our Lord’s mission on earth.

Author: Renée Devault


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