Staying Healthy

November 19th, 2017

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Psalm 119:33-48

If people want to lose weight, they must work out, eat right, and establish a support group for encouragement to eventually achieve their goal. However, if they do not continue to intentionally follow these practices after achieving their goal, they will gain the weight back. The results will not last.

If we want to continually grow in relationship with Christ after He redeems us, we need to know the rules of how to stay healthy. We need to know what is good for us to consume and what exercises we should intentionally do. God gave us these rules in His law. The psalmist understood the importance of the law and he delighted in it. Delight in the law is a natural response to realizing that it is a generous gift from God that allows us to maintain a relationship with Him. It outlines the exercises to help us continually grow in righteousness, separating ourselves farther from who we once were.

Just as people can swear by the latest diet trend because they have personally seen it work, we can swear even before kings of the effectiveness of God’s law when we have implemented it in our own lives.

Author: Renée Devault


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