Spirit of Power

November 17th, 2017

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2 Timothy 1:3-12

Telling everybody about the gospel seems like an easy enough method of accomplishing the mission Christ has given us, but putting this into practice can be terrifying. The fear of rejection or persecution can sometimes overshadow the motivation to achieve our mission.

Paul was not unaware of the danger of spreading the good news generously. He himself suffered as he encouraged others to suffer for Christ. Similarly, Jesus was not a hopeless optimist when he commissioned us. He told us that the world would hate us when we belong to His kingdom (John 15:19). Both Paul and Jesus knew what they were telling people to risk, and both point us to the same source of security and power to overcome this fear–the Holy Spirit. Jesus called the Holy Spirit our gift to help us (John 14:26) and Paul called Him a Spirit of power.

The Holy Spirit will lead us and strengthens us to persevere in our mission even when faced with outward opposition and inward fear. Paul encourages us to entrust everything daily to God and to call on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Author: Renée Devault


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