Be Ready With An Answer

May 24th, 2017

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Acts 25:23—26:9

As Christians, we should always live in the hope of knowing that what God wills, He fulfills. Paul’s life and ministry stood firm in hope through the God who always fulfills His promises.

When troubles and trials fall on us, what is our answer? If asked, what is the essence of our faith? What will our answer be? Is our life a living answer that honors and glorifies Christ as Lord and Savior? One day we will account for the life we have lived.

Paul’s defense before King Agrippa in Acts 25–26 rests on Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s promise to His chosen people. Added to this is the beautiful truth that God has now chosen the Gentiles as well. All who accept the hope found in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior have the answer to life’s deepest struggles.

The answer we give to a hopeless world is Jesus. He is the hope for our troubles. Jesus is the hope for today and tomorrow. We live for Jesus in every moment of every day into eternity.

Author: Paul Martinez

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