Challenge Sinners To Repent

May 25th, 2017

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Acts 26:19-32

In Acts 26, the apostle Paul stood boldly before King Agrippa and the gathered audience to proclaim Jesus as the promised Messiah. Agrippa reacted to the gospel by calling Paul insane.

How often do people think we are out of our minds for believing and preaching Jesus? Paul responded that what he was saying was “true and reasonable” (v. 25). Today, more than ever, we need to speak the true and reasonable gospel. We need to pray for revival to sweep over our lands. We should challenge sinners to repent and find new life in Jesus.

People need true freedom in Christ, not affirmation of their sins. May God burden our hearts and open our eyes to the lost around us. Our greatest need today as Christ’s disciples is to seek the salvation of those who need to turn to God. Although many do not want to hear of repentance, it is the door to a new life and a new mind-set in Christ.

Let us share the glorious and complete freedom found only in the sanctified new life in Christ.

Author: Paul Martinez


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