Are You Ready To Hear?

May 23rd, 2017

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Acts 25:13-22

King Herod Agrippa was the last of the evil Herodian line so prominent during the life of Jesus and the early church. While visiting Festus, the local governor, Agrippa was presented with the opportunity to hear about the apostle Paul’s situation. Although Herod was curious, he was not ready to truly listen and learn about the Jesus whom Paul represented. Agrippa’s heart was not open to hear the good news story. Festus discerned the disdain of the Jewish religious teachers for Paul’s story. He even understood it was about the resurrection: “About a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive” (Acts 25:19b).

The resurrection story of Jesus is the story we must tell those around us. As we share our faith in Christ, we will also discover many who are not ready to hear. They want to hear about Jesus, but they do not want to hear the resurrection story and receive new life in Christ.

Keep telling the resurrection story as well as your own resurrection story! This is our privilege.

Author: Paul Martinez


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