The Gracious Gift

March 30th, 2017

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Romans 11:11-24

At seven years old, I prayed my very first prayer. It was something like: “Okay God, if you’re really real please help me to learn to ride my bike today. And, if you do, I will always believe in you and follow you.” Now, I wouldn’t suggest bargaining with God, but I was seven! I remember, however, that God answered my prayer. I was truly in awe–He was real! This was my first act and response of faith.

Paul’s teaching in Romans 11:11-24 reminds me that God has opened the door of salvation to everyone by faith. Many people of that day rejected Christianity, yet God made it available for everyone. If we choose to accept Him, we become part of God’s family. We are grafted into the vine. This is good news! However, we cannot allow ourselves to think it is all about us, or have the mentality that the gift of salvation is for “us four and no more.” This is a gift that is offered to anyone who has faith and believes.

How are you responding to God’s gift of salvation?

Author: Kim D’Amaro


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