Worth The Wait

March 29th, 2017

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Acts 17:10-15

Have you ever baked cupcakes with a group of children? Once the cupcakes are baked, the children cannot wait to frost and decorate them. However, if you begin before the cupcakes cool, you usually end up with a melted mess. Once they are ready, they can be decorated and look great.

The people in Berea were ready to receive the words that Paul and Silas were speaking to them. They were eager and thirsty to receive the truth of the gospel. Many had responded and received new life. They even checked the Scriptures to confirm that Paul and Silas spoke the truth!

Then those determined Jewish leaders from Thessalonica got wind of the positive response Paul and Silas were finding in Berea. They wanted to squash their efforts. So, they began to rile the people up. They caused friction and riots so that Paul was immediately taken to a place of safety. However, nothing could stop the seeds already planted from growing and bearing fruit.

Is there someone God has prepared for you to speak to about Him? Speaking the truth of God’s Word always bears fruit.

Author: Kim D’Amaro

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