Ready Or Not!

January 12th, 2017

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Luke 12:35-48

Unexpected company challenges even the best host or hostess. However, expected company who arrive at an unexpected time can be a greater challenge. Caught in last-hour preparations that should have been handled earlier can be embarrassing. Most prefer for guests to arrive within a short window of an agreed-upon time. God says expect the unexpected when it comes to His second coming. Don’t try to outthink God’s logic or timetable. Just be ready.

This readiness is not a sit-still-and-wait readiness. God calls His people to be about their Father’s business, whether it means raising a family, serving in ministry, or demonstrating God’s Spirit in traffic and grocery lines. He calls for active waiting and active readiness.

Think of the irrepressible surprise of being caught up in be-ready work when Jesus comes. Think of eye-to-eye contact with the Son of Man who recognizes how His child has been taking caring of His business. Think of the joy on both sides in that time-stopping moment. Remember, there is no fear in ready.

Author: Debbie Goodwin

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