The All-Clause

January 11th, 2017

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Matthew 22:34-46

An expert tried to test Jesus with a trick question. However, it backfired because there is no such thing as a trick question that Jesus cannot address. Jesus turned the “expert” to truth and showed him how his handling of God’s law was upside down. In essence, Jesus said that you can’t keep the commandments just by keeping the commandments. You keep the commandments when you love God with all of your passions, all of your personhood, and all of your mental acuity. There is no exception clause in “all.”

Consider that Abraham did not take part of Isaac up the mountain. Peter, James, and John didn’t dump part of their fishing business for a season. “All” isn’t a measurement as much as it is a focus. When anyone tries to explain away the “all-clause” in discipleship, it is more of an excuse to do things by self-centered standards.

The “all-clause” God asks for is not a power play. God uses it to give us all of His direction, blessings, and protection.

Author: Debbie Goodwin


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