An Eternal Gym Membership

January 13th, 2017

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1 Timothy 4:1-10

Gym memberships are up, but statistics also reveal that most of us aren’t going regularly after five months. One report states that people spend close to $500 a year for the privilege of skipping the gym. The apostle Paul, who was familiar with athletic training, understood its importance and its limits. While he did not speak against health-related physical training, he placed more priority on godly training. Why? Because it benefits every part of life now and for the rest of eternity. What health club can offer that?

Godliness is not just anyone’s best thought about how to live. Godliness is more than a self-managed program to become a better person or even a better Christian. It means more than just doing the right thing. It means doing the right thing at the urging of God by using His methods and attitudes to accomplish His purpose. There is only one personal trainer for godliness and He is the Holy Spirit. Nothing beats His lifetime membership plan. Meet with Him daily and no workout will be more productive.

Author: Debbie Goodwin


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