Intentional Praise

June 26th, 2016

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Psalm 138:1-18

Have you taken time to Praise the Lord today? Do you remember the last time God did something so obviously good that you made an audible noise? Although I am not a great sports fan, I will admit in the heat of the moment, when just the right play happens, even I can catch myself having something “loud” come out. “Praise” carries with it the idea of applause and verbal, out loud, expressions of excitement, appreciation, and commendation for another.

In Psalm 138 David announces his plan for praise before he even begins. David declares that with his whole person he will praise the Lord: from his heart, with his voice, and even by his posture. He lists noteworthy things God has done in his life, so that God gets the credit. He invites others to join him. He even admits that when he was in the midst of trouble, he knew God would make a way.

Lord help me apply this same level of intentionality as I set my heart to give You the praise You deserve from me today.

Author: Mark Thielenhaus


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