A Walk With Jesus

March 22nd, 2016

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Luke 24:13-35

Although Emmaus as it was in Jesus’ day no longer exists, the seven-mile walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus would have taken approximately two hours. Cleopas and an unnamed disciple started their long walk. They discussed everything that had happened concerning Jesus.

Jesus joined their walk but wasn’t recognizable to them. He asked about their discussion. With downcast eyes they discussed Jesus’ crucifixion. They also told Him about the report of the women who claimed to have heard from angels that Christ had risen from the dead.

Jesus explained, beginning with Moses, what the Scripture said about himself. At Emmaus, the two disciples asked Jesus to stay with them. When He broke bread at their meal, they recognized Him and Jesus disappeared. The disciples returned immediately to Jerusalem.

Imagine taking a walk with the resurrected Savior. We, as Christians walk with Him always.

That journey need never end, and His presence will always be with us.

Author: Cindy Goss Kingsbury


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