The One And Only

October 3rd, 2015

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Isaiah 11:1-16

Whether we realize it or not, we hunger for the Savior. As the Old Testament unveils Israel’s history, the reality of a people in desperate need of a Savior strikes us. Although we can scarcely imagine generation after generation of hoping, waiting, and searching, it is even harder to imagine that all of this waiting would conclude with such an unexpected Messiah.

God’s people had clear ideas about what the Messiah’s kingdom would look like. Yet this King, this Messiah, would reign in extremely unexpected ways. The Messiah stood as a banner of salvation and unity for the nations.

He is our Banner today, and we too may have assumptions about how He chooses to show His power and glory. Today, the waiting is over. Our Messiah has been revealed. He has not come to meet our expectations, but to establish righteousness, do justice, and gather God’s scattered people into His peaceable kingdom.

Author: Lisa Mueller

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