The Joy of Obedience

September 17th, 2015

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Psalm 119:49-64

The Scriptures say many things about remembering: remember God’s actions in the past; remember God’s promises; remember God’s faithfulness; remember God’s name; remember God’s provision. Remembering God’s Word is central to all of this.

The psalmist lists a number of ways that he does this: by remembering God’s law during difficult times; by singing the Law’s themes; by reflecting on the name of God in the loneliness of night. Most importantly, he intentionally and specifically remembers God’s commands by obeying them (vv. 59-60). However, we must note that this obedience is bathed in a loving response to a loving God. This is no onerous, legalistic, cold-hearted chore to be endured.

Others might not understand, and may even ridicule our commitment to obey God’s Word. We remember God’s provision of His Son for us. We remember His gracious involvement in our lives and in our world. Therefore, our response is one of loving obedience.

Author: Bruce G. Allder


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