Be Mine

March 16th, 2015

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Deuteronomy 26:16—27:10

My family moved cross-country frequently during my childhood. In each new place, I struggled to find a place to belong and people to love. I grew tired of constant transition.

The Israelites dragged themselves across the desert for years on end. Because of their previous disobedience, they forfeited their purpose and a place to belong. That is when God stepped in yet again. He reminded them – in essence – you all are my kids now. I will love you like no other nation. You must remember and follow my commands. They, in turn, worshipped and praised Him. What a refreshing feeling! Instead of wandering aimlessly, their belonging and purpose were restored.

God offers us the same privilege today. We are His children if we accept His Fatherhood. He will be our Father, we will be co-heirs with Christ, and the Holy Spirit will be alongside us every day. We are joined in a community of believers who set out to follow God’s commands and worship Him together.

No matter how many times we move or things change, we know our true home and our True Father are in heaven.

Author: Laura E. Roller


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