The War Is Over!

March 15th, 2015

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Revelation 2:1-11

In January of 2014, Japan buried a 91-year-old hero. Hiroo Onoda was a World War II soldier who did not believe that the conflict was over. For 30 years he survived in the jungles of the Philippines, ready to fight for his emperor, though now with rusty weapons, deprived of ammunition and supplies. Only in 1974 did he lay down his gun before a former commander who had flown from his country to take him home.

Overnight, Onoda became a symbol of endurance and determination, of a fighter who did not desert just for being weary or left behind.

God is aware of afflictions His faithful endure in their pilgrimage on earth. Some have scars deeply carved in their bodies and souls. The temptation to give up and surrender is always an option flagged by the enemy. But they persevere, beyond all odds. Some did not notice them. God hung their pictures in the gallery of faith, as everlasting heroes.

Now, they encourage weary servants to take another step, up to the hill where they can envision that the battle is over, Christ has won and we are free to go home!

Author: Jorge De Barros

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