The Precariousness of Pride

December 13th, 2014

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Psalm 138:1-8

A proud spirit narrows one’s life. Habitual haughtiness is repugnant. It shuts a person off from others. The writer of Psalm 138 even suggests that pride distances us from God: “He sees them from afar.” He loves us all; even the proud. But sadly, he stands away from those who regard themselves as above others. Ironically, those who think they stand above everyone else find themselves standing alone. Pride is a precarious position.

Humility, however, is beautiful. A humble spirit is so unusual today that it attracts notice. Recently, while preparing to board an airplane, I witnessed a servant in action. A woman was disoriented and wobbly. The man ahead of me quickly grabbed the woman’s arm and helped her to a nearby wheelchair. He called an airline official to help. In doing so, he lost his place in line. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I was moved by his kindness.

The greatest and noblest among us are the servants. True greatness calls!

Author: Bob Broadbooks

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