The God Who Reveals

June 26th, 2014

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Daniel 5:1-12

One of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith is God reveals himself. God shows up in the course of human history, many times in unexpected ways. Even, and sometimes especially, where people are intentionally denying God’s existence; God shows up anyway.

Such was the case in today’s passage from Daniel. King Belshazzar thumbed his nose at the God of Israel by using sacred articles from the Jerusalem temple for a drunken bash, all the while praising the gods of gold and stone. In the midst of the revelry, God revealed himself in a profound way. God was not silent. Even though Belshazzar didn’t understand what God was saying, it was evident to all that God had showed up.

In the midst of every culture, in the midst of great ignorance and great sin, God is not silent. God lets his own secret out. He then uses his people to help the world understand what he is saying. On this day God used Daniel. I wonder when he will use me and you.

Author: Mark A. Hendrickson


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