Fulfilling the Law of Christ

July 2nd, 2013

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Galatians 6:1-10

The law of Christ is loving God and loving others. Galatians 6 emphasizes expressing love by doing good. There are many ways we can do good to others. There is the genuine effort to restore the person who has fallen under some temptation. The word translated “caught” (6:1) carries the thought of being taken by surprise. Our loving responsibility to the wounded believer is to gently and humbly give ourselves to the ministry of restoration: knowing that we may also face the unexpected siftings of Satan. We must surround these persons with prayer, stand alongside them, and help them carry their burden until they come through, by God’s grace, to restoration and spiritual maturity.

Paul also reminds us to do good toward those who minister to us (v. 6). We do good when we share our material blessings with them, and by expressing words of appreciation.

These acts of goodness are to be woven into our lifestyle. Those who minister through doing good find our steps become a little lighter and our walk with Christ a little closer.

Author: Ronald Beech


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