Perfect Protection

June 30th, 2013

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Psalm 115:1-18

The museum considered it a finely crafted art object to be displayed in a glass case, but to the Plains Indian warrior who had carried it, the shield provided protection as well as a spiritual meaning. The object on display had been made from tough chest skin of the buffalo, then cut and dried in a circular shape about 18 inches in diameter. After testing it for resistance by shooting arrows at it, the craftsman painted the front with a design that had a spiritual meaning. The shield owner believed his shield possessed potent powers, so he kept it in a decorated buckskin cover, and removed it only for battle when it would be displayed to the enemy.

While we can understand how a shield provided protection in battle for the warrior, we would not rely on any material object for spiritual protection. Yet while God may protect us physically, He is also certainly our “shield” in spiritual battles. One way He does this is to provide in His Word the promises and guidance we need. That is far superior to any type of human-created object.

Author: Anne Adams

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