Another So-Called Friend

October 7th, 2012

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Job 11:1-12

Another of Job’s friends speaks his mind and calls Job to recognize that he really deserves more punishment for his obvious sin (v. 7). How easy it is to point to the apparent sins of others, to condemn and levy judgment.

Job’s friends were looking for human answers to Job’s situation. Perhaps they are over-reaching in their attempts to understand the cause of Job’s afflictions. They seem to miss the point. They just want Job to confess, admit to having sinned, and, essentially, move along. Are they tired of spending time with him? Have they run out of patience with him? Is this more than they bargained for?

Zophar asks Job two very good questions: Do you understand the mysteries of God or his limits? Of course Job does not. But then neither do Zophar nor Bildad. They started out by accompanying their friend, but they’ve lapsed into finger-pointing and suggesting solutions.

What kind of friend are you? Real friends, directed by God know when to quietly accompany and leave the judgment up to God.



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