Are You There, God?

October 8th, 2012

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Job 23:1-7

Can you hear the anguish in Job’s words? Have you ever been bold enough to say those words yourself? Sadly, to Job, God seems to be distant and far away. That is what happens when we surround ourselves with our woes, our complaints, our situation without being willing to declare that God is sovereign and in control.

Job has spent a good amount of time thinking about his own, seriously difficult situation. Things have not gone well for him. If anyone has a right to complain, it would appear that Job has that right. But is God really hiding from Job, or is Job looking in the wrong places? Job has no loss of words for expressing what he feels about God, does he? But does that truly mean that God is out of reach to him?

Has God ever seemed distant or silent to you? Perhaps it is because we’ve spent more time on our own agenda than on the plan God has for each of our days. God is always present and available to us. However, if we are lingering on our complaints as Job did, we might not be aware of his presence.


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