A Memorial Forever

November 9th, 2011

Joshua 4:1-9


Crossing the Jordan River at flood stage on dry ground would be hard to forget. Yet, memories would fade. Children would be born who would not know the details of what God did. How was the Lord’s miraculous intervention to be remembered and his name glorified? A simple pile of 12 large stones taken from the dry riverbed became a memorial for God’s people of his acts.


Every believer can point to notable life events where it is clear the Lord intervened in a special and unique way answering prayer, meeting a need, or extending his healing mercies. How do we preserve the memory of these special times so God gets all the glory and others can see his providential hand in our lives?


The most effective memorial is a life devoted to seeking and doing his will in submission to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and God’s Word. Such a life may look like a pile of memorial stones gathered from the riverbed. A memorial life is lived simply; it relies upon the Lord and is built one spiritual stone at a time. Such a life makes a permanent impression on a watching world and will not be easily forgotten.


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