The Rest of the Story

November 4th, 2011


Joshua 2:12-24

Whatever happened to Rahab? Her life was spared because of her faith! Her faith generated good works in saving the spies. Where did she, of all people, get that kind of faith? James tells us (2:25) that she is considered righteous because of her actions. Somehow Rahab came to know the Lord as her God and omnipotent Savior. This pre-Christ conversion experience displayed itself in actions that confirmed her righteousness.


Following the events in today’s passage, she married a Jewish man named Salmon. They had a son named Boaz who loved and married a Moabite widow, Ruth. They had a son named Obed who fathered a boy named Jesse. Jesse’s youngest son was David, king of Israel and a man after God’s own heart. From David’s line eventually was born Joseph who became the husband of Mary, our Lord’s mother.


Rahab the prostitute is found in the human lineage of our Savior. We find her is in one of the best known chapters of the Bible alongside the greatest heroes of the faith. God purified the impure sinner Rahab through her faith in him. What ample proof of God’s amazing grace. She is a model for us all today.

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