Portion Size

October 30th, 2011

RG103011Psalm 119:57-64

Two seven-year-old boys were standing at a buffet table in a restaurant admiring their meal selections. The one boy who had almost an entire plate full of sausages said to his buddy, “Life is good.” According to many nutritionists, Americans have the largest food portion sizes in the world. Our economy allows us to eat what we want, as much as we want, and whenever we want.

When the Promised Land was distributed to the children of Israel all the tribes received a portion of the land except the Levites. The Lord God became their portion. They were to be God-centered and supported with tithes from the other tribes.

Although David was from the tribe of Judah he set the example of being God-centered. He gave his entire fortune of gold and silver to the building of the temple.

In Psalm 119 he pledged to obey God’s word. If God is our portion, we can have as much of him as we want and know that we can never run out of him.


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