Are You Ready?

October 29th, 2011

RG102911Numbers 14:39-45

Military history is filled with the stories of armies who were well trained, well equipped, and ready for battle. The last thing a general needs to know before he launches an attack is that everything is in place. There is no room for error with this inventory; the lives of his men are in the balance.

History also records the tragedies of armies that attempted to wage battle with one or more elements of the battle plan missing. Perhaps the most difficult thing to do when the adrenaline of battle hits the body is to wait until everything is ready before a response is made.

Modern warfare relies on sophisticated logistics and intelligence gathering. They must go up together to engage the enemy successfully.

The children of Israel were not ready to engage the Amalekites and Canaanites and were defeated. Their disobedience had eliminated the most essential element for victory–the presence of the Lord. They were not ready and they could not win.


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