Tell Your Children

September 17th, 2011


Exodus 13:1-10

God instructed the children of Israel to set aside a week every year to remember how he had delivered them from Egypt. This Passover celebration was to be observed in very specific ways. For seven days they were to eat only unleavened bread, reminding them of how they had taken only unleavened bread with them when they left Egypt. On the seventh day of the week they were to celebrate God’s deliverance with the Passover feast.

You can imagine the impact this annual week-long observance might have had on the children. Perhaps you can even hear them asking why they had to eat “that” bread.

From the very first Passover, Moses instructed the people that they were to explain what all this meant to their children. They were to explain that after over 400 years in Egypt, God had set them free. So generation after generation, they told the story about the goodness and faithfulness of God to their children.

Let’s remember to tell our children the gospel story.

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