September 16th, 2011


Exodus 12:40-51

The children of Israel had been in slavery in Egypt for hundreds of years. Now, at last they were free! They had entered a new chapter, turned over a new leaf, moved on. As they left Egypt, God instructed them to remember that he had set them free. Every year, they were to set aside a time to celebrate Passover. It was to be a time of remembering and even reenacting the details of how God delivered them from bondage. It was to be a time in which they remembered that since God was their deliverer, they belonged to him.

Do you remember what your life was like before you came to faith in Christ Jesus? Do you remember being under the power of Satan and sin? Do you remember the day God delivered you? Knowing that you were hopelessly bound by sin and that God is the one who delivered you, do you know that you belong to him? Do you give God thanks for your freedom in Christ?

Take a minute to remember . . .

And Give thanks.

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