An Early Return

September 15th, 2011


Exodus 12:31-39

The children of Israel were slaves. Their forced labor had helped Pharaoh build his empire. After the firstborn of the Egyptians died in the night, Pharaoh finally relented and agreed to set them free. Before they left, the Hebrews asked the Egyptians for clothing, silver, and gold. At this point, just about anything the children of Israel wanted they could have, just as long as they left town.

God heard the cries of his people in bondage, and acted not only to deliver them but also to restore to them a measure of what had been taken from them. He instructed the Hebrew children to ask the Egyptians for the plunder. There was still a long road ahead through the wilderness before they would reach the Promised Land.

In the great and glorious day of the Lord, the righteous will receive their reward. It will be a day of justice when the saints of God will finally be vindicated. Even now, the Church anticipates that day by being a people of compassion, mercy, and justice.

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