God’s Limitless Love

April 23rd, 2011


Luke 23:50—24:12

God has voluntary limits. God is not limited by outside issues, but rather voluntarily from his desire to love us. This love gives us free will to choose him. This was part of the result of sin in the world and God’s plan of redemption. The one thing God won’t do is force us to love him. If he did, then it wouldn’t be true love.

This becomes relevant to our lives when bad things happen with no apparent sinful cause. When faithful people die, we ask, “Where is God?” Some say, “It must be God’s will or plan.” These answers seem shallow to me to those who have suffered much. Rather I share that “the mystery of God’s love is not that he takes our pains away, but that he first wants to share them with us.”

As we look at the crucifixion and suffering of Christ, let’s focus on God being “with us” in Jesus’ incarnation and the Spirit’s speaking through his Word. God is not limited in his love for us!

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