The Ultimate Grace

April 22nd, 2011


Luke 23:32-49

Giving grace to the undeserving is a powerful display of God’s hope for redemption. We speak about grace often, but sometimes we don’t dispense it well. It is hard to find the healthy balance of living in the grace of God for ourselves and others.

In the beginning days of planting a church in central Los Angeles, they worshiped outside in a city park. One day a homeless man got very belligerent during worship. They all joined hands to begin singing “Amazing Grace.” The man got more frustrated. He began cussing and proceeded to spit. With the peace of God, they kept singing without retaliating. The man soon left, and they finished worship.

Later a man shared that he had a knife and was going to stab the man. Instead, when he saw the pastor’s lead of offering grace, a peace came over him. What grace do we need to give today, knowing that people are watching our lead? When we give grace, we model Christ’s love and hope for the world.


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