Witness Before Evangelism

April 24th, 2011


Luke 24:36-53

Witness and testimony always are the most effective form of evangelism! In skid row, Los Angeles churches would pass out evangelism tracts to “save” the homeless. Though I honor their faith and willingness to stretch their experience, their mode of evangelism was not very effective. I do not recall one person ever saying that their conversion led back to such a non-relational approach to evangelism. The truth of Luke 24 is something each of us knows in our own heart. We speak of it in our testimony. People come to faith more effectively when they witness Christ’s love in our lives.

This was my testimony when I saw Christ in my best friend, and I was discipled weekly by my youth pastor. We are witnesses to God’s grace when we live a life of joy and forgiveness with those around us. We are witnesses to God’s love when we display random acts of kindness that reflect the Father’s heart for our hurting and broken world. We become the relational presence of Christ. As they see your witness and hear your story, lives are changed!

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One Response to “Witness Before Evangelism”

  1. Steve Says:

    August 3rd, 2011 at 9:55 am

    My wife was saved after reading a tract given to her by a person she viewed as an adversary. Seeds come in many forms.

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