No Other Gods

August 2nd, 2010


The disciples were stunned; the wealthy not enter heaven? How can this be? Once again, Jesus turned their thinking about His kingdom upside down and left them scratching their heads.

It isn’t that God is against riches or possessions. Abraham’s wealth was a visible sign of God’s favor. Yet when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac, whom he loved more than anything on earth, Abraham got up and went. He obeyed because his love for God and commitment to follow His word left him no option.
The rich young man believed in his own piety even as he failed to recognize the needs of others or love his neighbor as himself. By asking him to give up everything, Jesus exposed the heart of the young man and his attachment to this world’s treasures.

“Whoever wants to be become great among you must be your servant.” It’s only possible with God.

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