Love, Love, Love

June 26th, 2010


Do you have trouble remembering names? If you run into someone and cannot remember his or her name, what do you do? You might try to carry on a conversation without ever having to mention the name. But when you know someone well or want to assure them of your concern for them, you say their name often.

John uses the name “God” over and over again. This must be Someone important to John. John and all those who believe are called children of God. That is a wonderful description of our relationship with God, but it is not the end of our relationships. Love for God moves us to love Jesus and to love His children. Even though some are hard to love and practicing love in this world can be difficult, we are assured that the life of love ends in victory.

Do you know the love of God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit personally?

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