What I Have, I Give

June 15th, 2010


Among those gathered for a Holiness Conference were skeptical followers of another religion, doubtful about the power of Christ.

While the pastor was preaching, four men brought their friend, well known in the community, but crippled all his life. They laid him at the altar. At prayer, dead muscle grew, legs strengthened, and the former cripple began to run and praise God. Forty men ran to the front and exclaimed, “We need Jesus.”

It still happens. Spiritual power attends the fully devoted followers of Christ–power from the Spirit’s fullness. As is always to be the case, the healing, the deed of kindness, is to point to Christ as Savior. People are amazed, opportunity for preaching and witness open up, and many more accept Christ. In the power of the Spirit, let us give what we have.

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