Evidence That Demands A Verdict

June 16th, 2010


Should your preacher get direct, put people on the spot, and call for a definite response? Well, Peter did. Notice his directness: “You handed him over”, “You disowned him”, “You killed the author of life”.

They’ve been on the wrong side. It’s time to get on the right side. Peter is careful to deflect any glory away from himself. He points clearly to Jesus Christ as the answer.

To help them make the right turn, he puts evidence in front of them: “complete healing to him, as you can all see”. And what is the channel to make the Jesus connection? It’s faith. “By faith in the name of Jesus”, an ability in the believer that needs to be exercised. Also: “the faith that comes through him”, a gift from God that needs to be received. By receiving and exercising faith, you can become the evidence for someone else.

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