Harvest Of God’s Grace

July 5th, 2024

Romans 1:8-15

When we are faithful servants of God, we are encouraging to other people in the world. By following God, we serve as witnesses of faithfulness and goodness. It is one of the many cycles of Christian life: We serve well and people notice, are inspired to do similarly, and encourage us in return. God is glorified through our dedication, and we are given a harvest of God’s grace.

I think we often forget how difficult it was for information to travel quickly in centuries past. The church in Rome was so faithful, reports were coming in from all edges of the known world, and Paul acknowledged the incredible work of the congregation in his letters.

What does it mean to be such good servants that we are known by everyone for how much we love God? Imagine the way we would be able to change our communities for the better when we align our will with the Lord’s. Imagine the effects and encouragement that would happen to other Christians, and how that would spark faithfulness in a chain reaction.

Author: Lexi Sunberg

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