Showing Love In Turn

July 2nd, 2024

2 Samuel 7:25-29

Our relationship with God is just that—a relationship, which means there must be some aspect of reciprocity. God allows us to be in a position that offers hospitality, instead of us always being the people who receive it. We are allowed to show our love to God through service and worship even as we are blessed by that very service and worship.

We know that David offered to build the temple in Jerusalem, the house where the spirit of the Lord would dwell. Of course, it was not finished in his lifetime and was instead fulfilled by his son Solomon.

However, here there is a flipping of the narrative. It was not David promising to build a house for God, but rather God promising to build a house for David. It is God building a relationship with David, one where both parties are giving and receiving promises, and establishing God as different from any other.

The power of God is used to bless us, and we are allowed to bless God in return.

Author: Lexi Sunberg

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