Conviction and Forgiveness

June 25th, 2024

Exodus 32:25-35

The Israelites choose to make a golden calf—an idol that replaced God at the center of their hearts and lives. One wonders at the fickleness of the Israelites: They had just been rescued from slavery, set free, and miraculously put on a journey to a new home. How could they forget so quickly? Then we reflect on our own hearts and minds to see that we, too, can quickly forget the wondrous love of God. We let fear take control.

Forgiveness isn’t easy. Sometimes, it will be the hardest thing you can do—especially when the offending party isn’t willing to redeem actions and relationships. Forgiveness, however, is worth the effort.

Moses asked God to “blot” him out of his book if God would not forgive His people. He didn’t just want to go another way. He wanted to be completely withdrawn, erased from God’s notes, if God would not forgive the Israelites.

How convicted are we when asking for forgiveness or when seeking forgiveness? Let us allow God to stir our hearts to the depth of conviction that prompted Moses.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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