Recognize Beauty

June 18th, 2024

Psalm 65:8-13

Several years ago, I felt impressed by God to slow down and intentionally start recognizing His grace. For me, God’s grace is most easily seen in the beauty of His creation. I have recognized God’s grace and sovereignty through amazing sunrises, spectacular trees, and even His animals.

One day, I learned disappointing news; it seemed nothing was going right for me! I called a friend to complain and was encouraged to look for beauty even on my bad day. Soon after, I was walking across a parking lot. There it was! I recognized the beauty immediately! In the middle of a large concrete parking lot, there was a small crack, and up from that crack grew a single flower.

That flower was a visual reminder of God’s grace in our lives. We all go through experiences that leave wounds, fractures, and scars that we would never want to go through again. Yet when we take the time to look deeper, God always shows His grace in ways similar to the flower growing through the crack. Look for the reminders that His grace is all-sufficient.

Author: Kelly Brown


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