Clean Heart

May 31st, 2024

Psalm 51:7-12

When it comes to giving a sincere apology, there are several criteria that need to be met. Generally, there needs to be an acknowledgement of wrongdoing, an attempt at forgiveness and reconciliation, and a promise to do better in the future.

David in his lament models this well here. The first half of Psalm 51 is confession as David details his sins; he then moves to making things right. He then goes on to describe what he would do differently in the future, but this passage in particular focuses on the second step: a desire for a pure heart.

After the earnest truth of the preceding six verses, the joy and celebration of this passage jumps off the page. David was excited for the chance to be made new again, and knew that with pureness of heart comes rejoicing. He longed to be in the center of the Lord’s will.

Being in the presence of God ultimately ends in dancing as we realize exactly the greatness and sacrifice God has made for us.

Author: Lexi Sunberg


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